Projects, Research, and Teaching

Fish Tank LiveOffice Fish Tank Live

My most current vita.
Classes at Shawnee
Courses I teach with syllabi & links to more information.
Open Source Projects
A listing of open source projects where I am a contributor.
My Programming Book
Introduction to programming book using the BASIC-256 language. "So you Want to Learn to Program?" was written for the young and curious.
Dissertation Research
Doctoral research with full text of final report.
Mind Maps
Lecture notes and dribblings created with Freemind and Freeplane mind mapping tools.
The 6502 Micro Page
All about the glory days of micro-computing.  Including projects, circuits, and code for the Replica1/Apple1 and Atari 400/800.
Pickles the Fish - In my office.
Pictures and images.
Contact Information.

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