A good education and the ability to use it is the greatest gift the Universe has given me. It is my hope and desire that you can experience and enjoy this gift, as I have.


Morehead State University (September 1984 – December 1987)
B.S. Mathematics and Computer Programming with minor in Physics

When I was a student, Morehead did not have an IT/IS/CS degree.  The degrees they offered in computing, were either a Math or Business degree with programming added on to them.  I originally started in a 3-2 Mechanical Engineering degree, where I would transfer to University of Kentucky to complete.  But after a couple of semesters, I decided to stay.  It was a great decision for me.


Marshall University (September 1999 – December 2002)
Masters of Science in Information Systems.

As a husband, father, and self-employed consultant I felt that a better understanding of what I was doing would be helpful in my future life.  The program was offered in the Huntington and Charleston WV campus, at night; and I drove one or two nights a week to earn this degree.  I had been consulting for more than 10 years and much of the degree was putting a formal structure to what I had been doing.

I also wanted to earn a Masters so that someday I could teach at the university level.  As a child, it was one of the many things I dreamed of doing.


Nova Southeastern University (September 2005 – October 2013)
Ph. D. in Computer Information Systems (DCIS)

After teaching for a year at Shawnee State as a Senior Instructor, It became clear that advancement in Higher Ed required getting the “terminal degree”.  This degree was offered in a hybrid format (cohort weekends on campus with on-line).  This allowed me to teach full-time, consult, and still allow working on this.

If I had known what I know now, it would have been easier.  I tried to turn the dissertation onto a great “NEW!” and unexplored thing.  My committee wanted me to ground myself in the prior work and push on the boundaries.  Most of the time, on the degree, was spent ABD (trying to get a topic approved).