I feel that I am like a big dog.  If you keep one in an apartment and do not give it a lot of stuff to do, it will eventually eat your furniture.  To keep me from wrecking our living space, I keep busy with lots of different things.

The Farm

My wife and I have a small farm where we are growing trees, building, and doing a lot of relaxation.  Check out the web site and updates on the Facebook page.

Gargoyle Farm Facebook Page

Amateur Radio

Enjoy experimenting with antennas, circuits and being involved in the community.

N4REN  Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association  ARRL

Our Teardrop Camper

In `15 my wife and I purchased a bespoke teardrop camper from Rustic Trail Teardrops.  We take it to festivals, weekends, and just love it.  We had tented for years, but our older bodies didn’t care for sleeping on the ground.


Driving (when it is running) in my classic 1977 MG-B.  Here is a picture if me broken down on the side of the road 07-2017, waiting for the tow truck.  It is a good year if I only have to call AAA once.