Pick Decompiler

RENEJM Decompiler for Pick AP and D3

The RENEJM Decompiler is a full featured un-compiler for Pick basic programs. When it is finished your variables, FOR/NEXT loops, multi line IF THEN ELSEs, CASEs,and LOOPs are restored. It will even attempt to add structure to your old spaghetti code.
Features Include:

  • multi-line IF THEN ELSE
  • CASE and LOOP Structures.
  • LOCKED & ONERR clause support.
  • GET, SEND, and D3 extensions.
  • IN{put} FOR THEN ELSE support.
  • FOR’s WHILE/UNTIL clauses.
  • Variable names restored (if symbol table available)
  • Full operator precedence support.
  • Builds programs with one statement per line.
  • You will be emailed the full commented SOURCE code for the decompiler.

License (for you to use in your business on as many machines as you want but not to give away or resell): $495.00 USD.

For more information:

Universe or mvBASE BASIC Decompiler:

This D3/AP decompiler WILL NOT WORK on other Multivalue variants. The format of the object code and how it is created varies quite a lot in the MV distributions. A decompiler is possible in most situations but it will require custom development. Contact Jim with any questions or to discuss your specific needs.